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Welcome to the BTPro OpenTTD Community

This community was build around the game: OpenTTD
OpenTTD is an (Free) open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe

The following servers are back online, but only with a IPv4 IP address for now:
(Doing some testing with an Azure VM without IPv6 as of yet!)

1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 15

Please take a look at BTPro's VIP Membership

BTPro VIP Membership Logo

Please click here for more information or to sign-up.

Screenshot created 28 Minute(s) ago on server:
-BTPro.nl- #5 - LONG GOAL - 1000MIL|DESERT|2000-GOAL|15SHPS:

OpentTTD Screenshot

Make sure to download the newest version of the BTPro OpenTTD Client from the "BTPro OpenTTD Client Talk" Forum!

!!! BTPro Client Latest Update: the 04th of May 2022 !!!
!!! Current OpenTTD Version: 12.2 !!!

Goto the "BTPro OpenTTD Client Talk" forum to download the client and leave a message if it's working for you

Currently we have 4 Server Operators:

Frank, ST2, Wacko1976, Inscius!

We are badly looking for moderators!

Want to be part of the team?! Want to help?! Read below...

Admins will act on the basis that ALL players know the game and it's mechanics.
We think that no one goes to an online game without first some practice and know how to play it.
Companies without registered nicknames (as shown in Client List) on it, can be reset without warning!
To learn OpenTTD mechanics, there is a forum/wiki and... a Single Player mode!!
Practice before playing on BTPro, and if you decide to start, READ THE RULES first.

If you wish to become part of the BTPro Server Operator family, ensuring that the rules are upheld with fairly and justly,
the willingness to teach new players on how to play the game and to make sure BTPro is one of the most relaxed,
entertaining servers out there for OpenTTD then apply in the Moderator Applications section below!

Also do not hesitate to ask us a question in the forums or when you see us online on one of the servers!

Happy Gaming!

Are you experienced in coding C# and are you willing to help our Community by implementing new features? Please reply in this forum...
8 Topics 47 Replies
This forum is about Donations the community receives and what privileges you will get when you donate. We will also discuss here what we do with the donations we receive. If you can spare some money, hardware and anything else please consider to take a look in this forum and Donate to the community so we can offer everyone better gaming experiences.
55 Topics 76 Replies
We will keep a Change Log to keep track on things that are changed on the Servers as well on the Website!
54 Topics 94 Replies
Any problems, configuration questions, future requests, etc. for the BTPro OpenTTD Client can be discssed here!
81 Topics 461 Replies
52 Topics 164 Replies
Have any questions or remarks about OpenTTD? Place them here!
172 Topics 665 Replies
Re: Is the game finally dying?
by Kleven
9 months 2 days ago
All discussions about upcoming tournments including BTPro specific tournaments, challenges as well as intercommunity tournaments and cup rounds. All qualifier information and sign-ups are in here as well.
27 Topics 479 Replies
All discussions about Server #9 and Server #30, in here! Remember to play FIRS you need to download the related newgrfs!
28 Topics 99 Replies
Re: Server 30
by davegb10
5 months 2 weeks ago
A discussion for everything related to the BTPRO CityBuilder Server. Make it the place for chats about tactics and past experiences, new ideas to add into the game mode and general bug reports.
97 Topics 465 Replies
Re: Play offline?
by Frank
6 months 5 days ago
This forum shows you our House Rules! You can also discuss them here!
77 Topics 331 Replies
Suggestions & Feedback about the BTPro - OpenTTD Servers
138 Topics 508 Replies
meaby Cargo Firs Serwer?
4 months 3 weeks ago
Found any bugs or errors on the server? Or maybe you would like to see something changed in the configuration? Post it here so we can discuss it!
100 Topics 359 Replies
Moderator Applications are currently OPEN
Accepted Applications (30 topics) Denied Applications (40 topics)
74 Topics 198 Replies
Re: Application: DNK
by Frank
2 years 6 months ago
159 Topics 488 Replies
Re: Not able to join any servers
by Frank
1 year 4 months ago
158 Topics 421 Replies
Are you new on our servers? Introduce yourself to other players here.
62 Topics 148 Replies
Re: New member
by Frank
4 years 8 months ago
Anything which is NOT related to OpenTTD or the BTPro Servers
36 Topics 161 Replies
How to disable avatar?
by Frank
3 years 1 week ago
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