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Current Year: 1981 | Players/Max: 2/25 | Companies/Max: 2/15

Goal = 8000 Inhabitants in Home Town

RankPlayer NameCompany NameHome TownPopulationGrowth RateStarting Year
1 (4%)Unregistered544481Player TransportFebourne349Every 40 Days1980

Additional information about Febourne:

Town Demands (Delivered / Required):

Mail: 0 / 11 (Still Required)
Passengers: 400 / 47 (Delivered)

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Screenshot (Created: 42 Seconds ago):
OpentTTD Screenshot
2 (4%)EndruEndru TransportContbridge285Every 105 Days1981

There is no additional info (yet) about Contbridge

This could mean that the game has just started, that the town was claimed just a few seconds ago or didn't reach the 500 population yet!
Either way, the database was not updated yet with demands for this town!

Please check back in a few minutes!

Screenshot (Created: 22 Seconds ago):
OpentTTD Screenshot

!!! The database which produces this chart gets updated every 30 seconds !!!
!!! ONLY Companies with players playing in them are shown !!!

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