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-=SERVER RULES=- 12 years 3 months ago #10

BTPro Server Rules

Updated as of 27/08/2013

Note: As of 21/01/2013 the Server Rule List has been created on our very own wiki site, here . The rules are now shown with their corresponding screenshots to allow you all to get a better understanding of our rule set.

Rule #1

These are international servers, use English in public chat. Swearing in-game is allowed but offending other players directly is not. Racism will not be tolerated.

Rule #2

No spamming or commercial advertising in-game however recommending OpenTTD related webpages and other servers is OK.

Rule #3

Do not steal other players secondary or tertiary cargos. These include GOODS, FOOD, STEEL, PAPER or FIRS related cargos only.

Rule #4

No self-competition on primary industries is permitted. Also cheating to advance yourself ahead of the competition unfairly will not be tolerated.

Rule #5

Do not block or sabotage other players. No land reserving of any kind. Do not put full load orders on road vehicles in shared towns/cities.

Rule #6

No destruction of town/city buildings or road pieces, removal of a single piece of town/city to make room for your station is allowed.

Rule #7

Do not station spread with airports, docks, train or road vehicle stations to extend coverage area to additional resources including towns and cities unfairly.
Amend, just to clarify, in Towns/Cities:
- When attached to a train station:
  * max 2 tiles away, with all station tiles connected and being used;
- RV stations in Towns/Cities:
  * Making only 1 road corner (means: only 1 station direction change, and when passengers and cargo type combined);
Not complying to this basics can lead to a company suspend/reset, kick or ban!

Rule #8

Stations that are apart (not physically attached or have unused parts between them) have to be a separate station with its own unique name.

Rule #9

Water-borne resources WILL be transported by the use of SHIPS only. You may raise land to build a harbour to service multiple oil rigs.

Rule #10

Golden Rule of CityBuilder – All standard rules of BTPro still apply within your claimed town.

The main intention of these rules and of every admin watching the servers is to keep the fun for all players up. If you work against that intention and constantly annoy players and/or admins – even with only things that the rules don't explicitly forbid – you're still risking to get warned/kicked/banned!
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-=SERVER RULES=- 10 years 6 months ago #2114

Rules updated to v1.3. This is a bump message to highlight the fact they have changed :)
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