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What are CB mechanics? 9 years 1 month ago #3968

I would like to know how exactly works town growing on your CB servers... I mean their growing looks quite irregular... I do know how nonCB town works without any grf/mods/whatever (5 active stations = max growth speed and it raises speed every 50 houses) In this case I had many - much more than 5 active bus stops and most of them had at least good = 50% rating (for both- loading and unloading), other player only one train station for pax & mail and his town was growing faster and was even smaller than mine... also town liked me at least as the other guy or even more... and demand was fully fulfilled so... -_-
So I'd like to know what I did wrong and other question: is here any article or whatever to how works town's growing on your CB servers? If you want to know server name: -BTPro.nl- #10 - CITYBUILDER - 8000pop|DESERT|1990-GOAL|NOBRK|NOAIR and time played was 21.1.2015 somewhere between 18:00 and 22:00 GMT + 1 I guess


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What are CB mechanics? 9 years 1 month ago #3969

in a quick glance, to town grow faster when:
- fullfill town demands;
- have a good rating in town;
- make internal service (passengers/mail);
- check House's number;
- non-ended roads;
- number of stations;
- and so on...

There's a couple more but it's like normal town growth with the addiction of cargo's needed in town.
But I'm not a CB expert so, better answers are welcome :)

Note: before you ask: growth mechanics in servers #27 to #30 are way different; are based on cargo delivered (if above 141% of needs or not), storage (if applicable), rating and internal service (maybe 1 or 2 more that I dnt remember now by heart ^^) and that's how town decides number of new houses to build, if any and space available (on town loop)

btw, our forum is fully of threads saying exactly what I said above, including some CB tricks and technics. You only needed to search ^^

Edit: Hope it helps :)
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What are CB mechanics? 9 years 1 week ago #4084

On BTPros CB servers where the town RATING matters this is the most important thing to get to a 1000 at once for full growth.

This is done by having as many stations as possible that are "active". An ACTIVE station is a station which has been visited with a flag of "delivery" or "pickup", meaning you need a vehicle who wants to pickup a cargo (that actually has to exist at least 1 cargo of it for it to count as active) or a vehicle who wants to unload 1 cargo of any type that is ACCEPTED.

Each active station counts as +12 rating each month if it was active in that month.
A non active (unused station) causes your rating to drop -15 IF its inside the townzone of the town. This is also a demand for the active station to give rating, it has to be inside townzone of the town.

You have already covered the 50 houses per new GR and 5 station = max growth (which im unsure has any use on BTPro where rating is the grow speed).

Another factor why you maybe grow more slowly than other people is because your road layout is bad and have things called "CS" and "HS" in it. This is caused by dead-ends on your roads meaning a house will be skipped if that direction is chosen and there is no place for a house and this is bad.
//Magnus 'Saber' Jonsson
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What are CB mechanics? 9 years 1 week ago #4085

All the things Saber said, plus the fact that amount of houses does have an influence, but growth speed changes faster than every 50 houses and I'm not sure at which amounts it changes.
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