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dodge007 BS ban based on his/her's lack of understanding server rules 3 years 3 months ago #7639

I would like to file a complaint of abuse of power and control against Dodge007 and have him removed from being an admin, or having any dealings with me in the future as he doesn’t understand my playing style, for the following reason.
1. he doesn’t understand the rules as they apply.
2. he wrongfully seized, controlled, and removed my trains orders and caused damage to the game that I was controlling
3. he booted me from the game at the games end, before I could collect my points and is uncapable of having a discussion in terms that show him to be wrong.
4 and after coming back into the game to explain what the rules clearly stated and demand an apology, he banned me from the server.

The server rules clearly state the following:
Rule #7

Do not station spread with airports, docks, train or road vehicle stations to extend coverage area to additional resources including towns and cities unfairly.
Amend, just to clarify, in Towns/Cities:
- When attached to a train station:
* max 2 tiles away, with all station tiles connected and being used;
- RV stations in Towns/Cities:
* Making only 1 road corner (means: only 1 station direction change, and when passengers and cargo type combined);
Not complying to this basics can lead to a company suspend/reset, kick or ban!

Your own rules clearly states that explanding a station to cover more than one resources is ALLOWED and you can only do it if it DOES NOT creates an unfair game for other players. Now as much as I would like to go into proper planning, expanding companies, stream lining shipping max use of trains available and everything else.
The simple matter of the fact is THIS
I was playing alone and how I built did NOT give me a “unfair” advantage over any other players you know the ones not playing, “Unimportant” was also in the game but had been afk for over an hour.
Unfair means
Definition of unfair
1 : marked by injustice, partiality, or deception : unjust
2 : not equitable in business dealings

Again there wasn’t anyone else actively playing. And my planning was to use stations as built. Dodge007 demanding that I do so NOW didn’t fit in with my building model or playing style and his ban for me getting pisted about this is bullshit.
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dodge007 BS ban based on his/her's lack of understanding server rules 3 years 3 months ago #7643

Just to be clear, your accusing me of not understanding the rules I helped create approximately 10 years ago, the rules that have served these games well. You appear to be unable to accept that you were caught doing wrong, that's not my fault.

Despite being warned to alter you stations you did nothing, Despite being threatened with action, you did nothing, when I took action, you decided to become offensive towards me. I tried to talk to you, your response.
16[2021-03-14 22:14:12] <ttd-srv9> Unregistered982341 (4Red): so just **** my system cause you dont understand it

I understand your system just fine you just did not want to listen. Being offensive to me (or any other Admin for that matter) will not go down well with me.

to be clear the station was unnecessarly sized for its use, if such time exists then by all means expand the station, However as Rule 8 clearly states

Rule #8

Stations that are apart (not physically attached or have unused parts between them) have to be a separate station with its own unique name.

This is the rules that you were in breach of but instead of engaging in conversation you chose to become aggressive, we never got that far because as far as you were concerned you were in the right.

Had you not started being offensive to me you probably would not have been kicked, but being offensive to me (or any other Admin) is completely unacceptable

In this case I have chosen to temporarily ban you from Server 9 Firs Goal 1000mil for one week.

And just so as you know:

16[2021-03-14 22:30:58] <ttd-srv9> TheUnimportant (15White): i was afk

you were not/never playing alone
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The topic has been locked.
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