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Server 3 - Quick goal temperate 3 weeks 2 hours ago #7560

Can anyone give me some tips on server 3 - Quick goal temperate
I can get down to 1hr 45 ish but below that it seems some magic is in order
I see the records are like 45 minutes or thereabouts !!!
What am I missing or doing wrong ?

I build 2 way tracks - path signals
Try to take advantage of 2 sources next to each other with 1 station (i.e. forest or farm)
I feed a main source station with 2-4 other nearby sources with single lines (adjacent farms / forests not close enough to capture with one station)
I build long runs
busy stations i setup as ro ro in one end out the other
start with forest or farm and feed a factory or sawmill and run the goods to a city on the same line other end of the map
have separate stations for input and output to factories / sawmills
later in game have multi headed trains
what am I missing to get close to an hour ?

Thanks for your help!

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Server 3 - Quick goal temperate 2 weeks 1 day ago #7571

I haven't played much on server 3, so can't give you any specific tips, but here are some general things:

1. An efficient start is paramount for fast games, every minute you spend just waiting for money is essentially wasted. You have the right idea looking for high production industries, another method to consider is setting up a two-way system. If you can have your trains transporting cargo both ways you substantially increase your profits per train, which is important when you're limited by how many trains you can afford.

2. If you happen to join a game at the same time as a faster player, take the opportunity to watch and learn. Some players make the mistake of leaving when they don't think they can win.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment. For instance, what happens if you focus on coal instead of farms/forests and goods? Try focusing on different cargos, different ways of starting, different ways to set up your network, anything you think may possibly work, even failed experiments can give you insights.
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