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Server #30 FIRS CB 14k suggestion 1 month 1 week ago #8442

Perhaps this is more of a request than a suggestion, it would be nice if the terrain was more flat with occasional mountain here and there. I didn't mind all the hills and mountains before until I realized the current meta on the server which is island or naval town and lots and lots of ships. I personally don't enjoy using ships a lot - sure, every now and then but it's not a part of my strategies, I do it when it makes sense. I don't want to come off as salty looser but really I feel like I was being punished for trying to build a vast railroad network with the difficult terrain.
Another thing that would help to change the meta is changing the script so that deliveries for town could be only made to sink industries, such as stores, gas stations and hotels because at the moment the most efficient way is using a Bulk Terminal to deliver food and building materials that then in turn boosts it's production of chemicals and bauxite which can be made into metal and used for goods production which delivered to a port yield great amounts of engineering and farm supplies. Excluding such industries would make the gameplay more interesting making viable different choices of production chains which are plenty but just not as efficient as the one described above.
I hope you will consider at least the terrain generator part to give the train people a chance against the ship people =D

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