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Busy Bee 7 years 1 month ago #5598


I've seen that since today there are some changes on the Busy Bee goals.
I don't know if there is something like a "changelog" somewhere but I found out 2 important things:
1st: You don't get the goals immediately after opening a new company but after some time.
2nd: You don't get any repetitive goals.
And this second point makes a very big difference compared to the earlier games where you had to transport the same goods to the same company more times. In my opinion this makes the game mode much more challenging, interesting and not so much luck-dependent as it was earlier. To my amusement I found also out that you get much more points now.

But there is one problem: It takes more time to finish the game and I'm afraid it will be almost impossible to reach the fastest recorded times. Just to show the difference: It took me 1:51 today to complete 30 goals and my usual time was 1:20-1:25 and fastest 1:07(55).

So my suggestion/request would be to cancel the old times or put them in an archive or on a "foreverthebest"-stone and start a new documentation from today/tomorrow/next week...

Best regards

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Busy Bee 7 years 1 month ago #5599

yup, you're correct, the latest changes can be checked here with the exact intention of avoid repeating goals. The waiting times happens because script test them first before presenting them to the company - original testing times was 4,5 months but I've reduced it because, imo, it's loo long waiting time.

About the best times you're correct again. But I wouldn't worry too much; will be forgotten the end of the year ;)

Thanks for the report :)
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Busy Bee 7 years 1 month ago #5601

Thanks for your reply.

About the changelog I have to say that I can't find a list of the changes or (and that's what I think) I can't read code and there you can see only the changed code. But does not matter, it works and that's all I have to know.

About the times you may be right that at the end of the year .... OOOOHHHH, oooohhh, now I got it. You see, I understood it during writing :)
Somehow I had in my mind that this are "all time"-best times but they are just for this year.

Well, so no more new records on 2016 but from 01.01.2017 I can attack again :)

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