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Passengers/Mail payments 5 years 2 months ago #6865

Many of our multiplayer (MP) servers currently use the "Reduced Passenger Payment" (reducedPassengerPayment.grf) newgrf to balance gameplay. It's well known that Passengers/Mail gives a big boost on profit, and when not modded (with newgrf's, in this case), it's the only fast and reliable way to win in some goal servers.
The previously mentioned newgrf simply cut passgengers/mail payment by half - it was very good to balance most of the goal servers (mostly Company Value based). Some months ago "Passenger and Mail Payment Rates v1.5" (pampc1.5.grf) newgrf was released. Looked promising and single player (SP) tests were made. Couple weeks ago I was able to resume them and conclusion is: appears to be ready for MP games!

Since "Passenger and Mail Payment Rates v1.5" allows to adjust percentage of payment, I've put server #9 as our online "guinea" - and as the previous newgrf simply cut payments to half, this one was set to 50/50 for passengers/mail. Basically should work the exact same way, with the difference that now allow us to make adjustments, when, and if needed. If all works as expected, this newgrf would be applied to all other servers using the old "reducedPassengerPayment.grf".

On the game side people won't notice the change (ofc, the need of a new "grf" file), but will allow us to refine competitiveness and fairness in BTPro games. It's my opinion and always trying to keep games competitive, fun and fair, where, depending on the map, isn't all related to grow towns and make pax (passengers & mail) lines.

Easiest way to get the newgrf, READ THIS .

As said, for now only server #9 has it. On the next days others servers using the old, will be upgraded to the new "grf". After download it once all should be fine ^^
Suggestions, ideas, complaints, beer and cookies are always welcome!

Enjoy the games :)

Edit: no crashes, even with AI's tested, putting it on other servers, DONE!
And..., scoreMultiplier on #11 was increased from 55% to 75% - Lets see if anyone reads this :D
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