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A player's opinion 1 month 4 days ago #8484

I was preparing for lunch. Because of this, I was sure that I would not have free hands on the keyboard for playing. So, I decided to view the gameplay of another player and get some knowledge of good gameplay.
Nixo started playing intriguing. From his game, it was clear that he has some gameplan / city design.
He connected his city to a big city. In this big city, he spread his railway station with bus and mail stations without connecting them to other bus and mail stations. Then he repeated the same in 4 other big towns.
Then I wrote about a violation of rule #7 and called an admin. Nobody responded. I'm sure we need to hire more admins.
Here is Nixo's response: 
"you think I cannot use the extra bus/post stations?"
"if I get main town big enough to supply the venom small towns, then I create small supply bus/post stations to connect it ..."
I cannot imagine a violation of rule #7, which cannot be explained with future plans. Does this mean that the rule can be ignored? In the attachment, you can find how Nixo fixed the issue. He did not delete the spreaded tiles of stations but built another station in the cities and made road vehicle connections to the original railway stations. As a result, a station consisting of 12-tile road and railway parts was used by 3 road vehicles. 

Nixo won unfairly on the server -BTPro.nl- #12A (game number 25616).

What is your opinion? Should this behavior be tolerated?
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A player's opinion 4 weeks 1 day ago #8487

Yeah, rule 7 is hard to enforce in some situations. If it is a new player it is best to assume it was mistake. If it happens again, assume it is with the intention of breaking the rules.

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A player's opinion 2 weeks 1 day ago #8505

Bit of a late reply, but yes, the stations in the screenshot are absolutely in violation of rule 7. Road stations attached to a train station are only allowed to go 2 tiles out, this is clarified in the rules post here on the forum, but the rules command in the game is shorter and doesn't have this clarification.

"Future plans" is not a valid reason to station spread. I can accept if you overbuild everything from the start including vehicles so you don't need to go back and fix it later. But if you need to add more vehicles later you can also add more station tiles later. You shouldn't have more station tiles than you currently need for the vehicles you have. And stations like the one in the screenshot are simply too large even in that case.

If no admin is online you can try using the !votekick command, though that does require you to have at least 2 logged in players in order to outnumber the rule violating player.
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