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TOPIC: Unfairly banned

Unfairly banned 1 year 5 months ago #5804

Your name ingame: Fredduxx
Admin who banned you: (If that's known) N/A
Reason why you are banned: A player had been building unnecessary rail tracks where I was building mine on a resource owned by me. Then the same player started stealing from other resources I had already claimed first.

As I am new, I did not mind asking for help to an admin. The game is about competing, so no big deal on my side, but a the other player continued to come to use the same facilities that I had already used, I crossed a tiny train across two of the cities that where being joined by trucks of the other player.

An admin showed up and said that I should remove my train and I told the admin that I had not started that war. Not a second passed by and my company was reset.

It's very easy to be a cheating looser, cry for big admin's help and then win a match.

Maybe I overreacted when I said F*ckyou to the cheating looser, but I still think the admin should have listened both sides of the story.

Explain why you should be unbanned: I am a fair player, I do not go around trying to fool admins to win points.
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Unfairly banned 1 year 5 months ago #5819

That fucker was me.

He was blocking and bugging others stations by placing "full load order on truck" in shared cityes that is agains the rules.
He was awared of that by other players many times but he wasn't even bothering to respond. By that he practicaly destroyed my
good start by causing mail problems. After 20 mins or so of awaring no admin was responding so we tryed to !vote kick him out
but that wasn't working 'cause the undamaged players were minding their own buisness and/or were afk. So i punished him the
Old-School-TTD-Way that as we all know is killing his vehicles by train. I deleted that train instantaneously (after the 2nd
most damaged player with his orders awared me of this being also agains the rules - ok kinda dumb i did not realized that myself)
In next 5 mins admin showed up and then Fredduxx called me a Fucker. Well im a fucker and i also like to fuck, so i asked admin
NOT to ban him for that also becouse i was aware of my part on this.

But things are like they are and i think that on the other hand maybe he has more time to think about being nicer to other
players, and that admins never sleep and they are effective and know no fun when it comes to breaking the rules.

As i was kind of unfair so we are kind of even in this, i am interceding for this player unban.

Hope we will compete soon but this time without the unnecessary inconvenience.
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Unfairly banned 1 year 5 months ago #5826

you are a lucky guy because of problems we have to unband everybody.
so you are unbanned but remember next time please:

call a admin to help

take this 2nd Chance en play fair

please read ower rules

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always be happy
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