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TOPIC: Who is this eLbot guy anyway?

Who is this eLbot guy anyway? 9 months 5 days ago #6714

Hello all!

I’m Will – aka “eLbot”.

I’ve been playing this game off and on since its MS-DOS release and it holds some very strong sentimental memories for me. It is definitely one of the reasons I started to get interested in computer games at 6 or 7 years old. This was one of the first 3 I ever touched (Prince of Persia and Outrun being my other young loves) and at the time I was so clueless my older cousin blew my mind when he revealed to me the amazing tactic of leaving the game running overnight to get lots of money to build!

We tried all sorts of tactics after that from changing the bios clock, the windows time, trying to find the memory values where money was stored (which was actually so difficult and interesting to me at the time that I think it may have been what lead me into the career I’m in today) - anything we could think of (sometimes well beyond our technical ability) but to our dismay we found no other way of getting the money we needed to build and meet our goal of serving every single town and industry before the year 2000 in game. We never succeeded and went on to other things but this game has always been a great way of burning time when stuck in conference calls or large web meetings where my attention is only sparingly needed.

Then out came the multiplayer! I never did manage to convince my cousin into a game, partly because the format of most of the older servers was genuinely awful and trolls were rampant. I don’t know when I found the BTPro servers but they were definitely the solution I was looking for when I returned after a long break from the game – good admins, decent game formats (even if it took me a while to understand why allowing your network to be deleted so easily was important) and mostly friendly players willing to help me learn and step up the complexity of my networks. I think I first learnt about proper signal use on these servers :)

For me BTPro is the lifeblood of Transport Tycoon, nowhere else can you find admins STILL absolutely dedicated to keeping our games running smoothly, nowhere else will you find such a sensible set of goals and map formats and I believe some of the best players still around like to sit on these servers – so we all get to learn a little bit more off of each other every day.

I love the fact you can take a moderately long break from the game but return to a group of people that remembers you – this community is tightly woven and it’s one of the very special things to me, there’s something very cool about seeing real players take the place of AI and do some truly interesting and clever routes that work around yours. The perfect game of OTTD to me is one that has lots of activity but absolutely no attempts at blocking each other or being upset with fair competition – that’s a hard thing to achieve anywhere else but BTPro.

I don’t really have a mode preference but I do tend to gravitate towards shorter formats (<4hours) and ones that require strong planning in the early game.

I’m lucky enough to be a freelance Information Security and Assurance consultant but sometimes that means I keep very odd hours to work for international groups when the offer is good enough. I actually spend most of my “real” gaming on FPS games or Mobas and tend to be on OTTD when my presence is required but often unnecessary in large remote meetings, which are often held at absolutely ungodly hours for me. So, if you’re unable to get my attention in a game it’s likely the conversation has drifted towards me or my attention is required but I’ll always try to reset my company if I feel like I might be restricting you without the ability to realistically compete. Sometimes inactive players can be quite annoying and I’d rather free the server up for other players than limp in to a victory, effectively reserving the server for a round.

I’ve started to ramble, but hopefully you feel like you understand a little more of what I’m up to in the games we share together.

Hope to see you guys around.

-Will / eLbot.
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