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TOPIC: Player "TV" cheated

Player "TV" cheated 3 years 2 weeks ago #5419

This happened on the server no.1(150mil). Game finished about 21h GMT+2.
We had approximately similar profit (+10mil). I was on 95% (143mil) and he was on 75% (112mil)
Next thing I remember is that my company declare bankruptcy, and he won.
The only screenshot i have is from my console, hope it helps. And hope you can see logs from the game. Its A 150mil goal server, no way he manage to
make such a profit to outplayed me in last minute, like i said i was on profit 10+ mil.

Please investigate, he is top ranked player.


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Player "TV" cheated 3 years 2 weeks ago #5420

Well, my reply gonna be accordingly to what I can see, same as all other people, among the information that we need to analyze.
At first glance can look a huge jump on CV, and it is, but that's several factors to take in consideration:
- Time taken to TV reach the goal is inside his parameters - not even inside the 15th best of server #1, but close. So, nothing scares me here;
- TV ended with a count of 146 trains, which is too, inside normal parameters;
- Because of an OpenTTD limitation of only sending quarterly the CV value to server controller, final results were: TV: 169.725.230€; FreeShipping: 157.311.928€. Technically both exceeded the goal but, because of the mentioned game limitation, matters the CV check on each quarter ending.

FreeShipping: you had 1 hour and almost 30 minutes of advance!! It is the duration of a medium/fast game on server #1. So, when another player(s) do a game within normal ranges (time and vehicles used) the path to follow is not of accuse them of cheating.

FreeShipping, next time you spot any event that you don't consider normal, or not accordingly our server rules, help us with more ingame screenshots: some stations, vehicle list, etc!

Thanks for reporting but, imo and on this case, I don't see any abusive action.
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Player "TV" cheated 3 years 1 week ago #5421

I understand that this wasn't the best documented report :), reason for that is that I was pretty shocked trying to figure it out what just happened.
I am aware that I'm not an expert of this game, but I'm decent player and I am playing this game long enough to notice when something unusual happened.

You have right, I started this game long before he did. I don't mind losing, it's not my first time and surely it not going to be the last too.
I started that game playing pretty much without competition so I was just enjoying watching trains :). After that player joined I manage to raise my profit.
Anyway, parameter which I watch constantly is profit which is monthly based. And like I mention this before, we had very similar profit, he was on +11mil and I was on +10mil.

I just can't see how with that profit he could won the game on the way he did. And I was monitoring that parameter, cause I saw he is a good player and all I did last 10min is just watching parameters and trains.

But from what you are saying now, his profit was jumped suddenly on a +44mil, which is I believe nearly impossible to achieve on this server.
Especially to jump from +11 to +44mil profit in a month.

I still believe it was some kind of cheating..

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Player "TV" cheated 3 years 1 week ago #5424

Hello, I just want to say that I dont know what is the point of this topic. I was playing normally and as far i know, i didn't cheated, but if i did anything wrong, in advance, i'm sorry.
ST2, please, if you have the time, and the patience, watch my games and let me know if i do anything wrong.

If it make it better, please, take the points that i've earned on that game and put those points in your account. No problem for me.
I just want keep playing normally in that server, which i really enjoy and i'm very gratefull to the staff.

(Sorry for my bad english)
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