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TOPIC: How to use the rules as wappon with adminhelp

How to use the rules as wappon with adminhelp 4 years 10 months ago #3559

Hi Feurigel,

I thought we'd gone through all of this in game - let me try again.

The two scenarios you are comparing are different. The one involving shared roads in cities has the rule on blocking , but only if the roads are shared. You could place your own vehicles in a city someone else is using then call an admin to enforce the "no full load order" rule, however if any admin (not just me) thinks it is done solely to sabotage someone else's game then they will tell you.

In the scenario we had with you, your rails blocked off three whole sides of the city, and left very little room on the fourth side for anyone else. This is against blocking rules at all times, no matter whether another player actually wants to use the city or not, and any admin who sees it even without a call from a player would ask you to relay your tracks to remove the blocking.

As to your reference of "Chizzle's beloved rule breaker" - I think you need to step away from the game and calm down - remember, it's only a game. And if I had been online when you reported the other player for city destruction, I would have dealt with it in the same way I always deal with that rule break the first time I come across it with a player - I would have warned him that future similar rule break may result in company deletion without warning. However, I was not online as I am not online every single second, so another admin dealt with it (in this case DNK).

In the case of the rules, remember they are a base guide, not the be-all and end-all. We always welcome ways that we can improve the way we word them, but we have to keep them simple enough to be read in game. Not everything is defined in the rules in words, but there is common sense that needs to be applied - the best thing to do is ask yourself whether your tracks could be seen to break any rule, and in this case it's easy enough to determine that they would be seen as blocking.

Anyway, please do remember it's not the big issue you're making it out to be, and carry on playing the game fairly and respectfully.

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