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TOPIC: Chizzle kicking for no solid reason

Chizzle kicking for no solid reason 4 years 11 months ago #3163

Was playing a game with Quark, Chizzle and a few others. There was a minor dispute about land reserving, no rude words were used or any insulting behaviour.

For some reason Chizzle decided to kick Quark from the game, when I asked Chizzle for the reason why they kicked Quark I didn't get a satisfactory response.

It looked to me like Chizzle was abusing his admin rights as he ruined what was shaping into a fun game and did not explain why they kicked Quark.
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Chizzle kicking for no solid reason 4 years 11 months ago #3166

For my part, I will explain my reasoning - on the IRC monitoring channel I saw a sign stating land reserved, so came to the server to see what was going on. I noticed that Quark had reserved land, breaking rule 5, and told him to make sure he didn't do it again. Rather than agree, Quark attempted to question why it was so, whereby I pointed him here to the forum if he had a complaint about rules. It was clear that my message to Quark was not getting through, so in order to get his attention I kicked him. It was not a ban, I did not lock or delete his company which I could have done, but Quark's dismissive attitude was not something I tolerate.

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Chizzle kicking for no solid reason 4 years 11 months ago #3170

I wouldn't have filed a complaint myself but since you are just not telling the truth, I feel obliged to contribute to this thread.

I did buy land and also put up a sign which I know is against rules but I didn't do it to block anyone or the like. In fact, few seconds later, I constructed an airport there. The only reason I did not do so immediately was because airport construction didn't happen and I wanted to check on the noise level or maybe rethink the whole idea of the plan. Apparently noise wasn't a problem which lead to me building the airport.

I never said I didn't agree with the rules or with you, the only thing I did was explain myself to you because I thought you might wanna know what I had in mind. I also told you that I was aware of the rules. Had you only taken one second time to check the previous chat on the server you would have realized I'm a pretty good guy and that I would do anything but cause trouble. Our conversation then drifted away as to why I am arguing. Since you didn't understand what I was trying to achieve I finally felt no need to continue this conversation. What I did not know is that saying "What you are doing is exactly what leads to players saying what I am about to say now: whatever" will be followed by an immediate kick from the server.

I also find this questionable behavior. I do see that it's very easy to abuse powers once they have been given to you, but there was really no reason to instantly kick me.

I am not going to argue about this any further because I feel everything has been said and you are just not the kind of person I want to have a conversation with.

I will say this again: I know the rules, I "broke" them for 30 seconds because of an unexpected "cannot build airport" but instead of letting me explain I got kicked. Very questionable behavior!

Was nice playing with everyone else. Good bye!

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