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TOPIC: ST2 the pathetic nazi mod

ST2 the pathetic nazi mod 5 years 4 weeks ago #3114

So you banned me twice without any good reasons, and now you cannot help yourself from lying. Pretty pathetic.

ST2 wrote: n00b, before your crap continues, I'll explain to you and ALL other players what happened and the player you are:
- you cheat ( as you say yourself )

And yet, you never banned me for breaking the rules, right?

You banned me for different reasons, while i was innocent in that sense, as we had a nice long discussion about it, after which you eventually did the right thing by unbanning me, after i made it absolutely clear that i did not deserve to be banned for your extremely flawed reasoning. ( as you say yourself ) You forgot to mention that, by the way. Sneaky little liar.

ST2 wrote: - In a long goal server you confused what's fair competition with sabotage competition. Someone competed at you on primary resources, for the good of his company, with long tracks deliveries, to make money (saw it in a CV goal server). You started a resource competition ONLY to ruin that player, delivering on the closest industry, NOT for your company profit! That's SABOTAGE and it's NOT allowed in our servers.
- I told you that you'll be under watch... after your unban request! Only because a player started a competition on resources you use don't gives you the right to start "sabotage" competition on that player! He was working on his company profit. Your actions was to ruin his profit... not to make your company better!
- Many actions can be taken in "revenge" to other player actions. But atleast make them on behalf of your company goal! Personally, revenge in OpenTTD is never the solution! It's a company game and you'll harm the other company... not making yours better! Think on it!

Oh, so you split up one argument, however stupid it is, and made 3 points out of it? You suddenly seem much more convincing. Oh wait, no you do not.

Taking somebody's cargo is sabotaging that company. Wether you throw it away, or you try to make money out of it. It actually has NO EFFECT on how much the victim company suffers. So the sabotage is exactly equal. And due to the rules, you are allowed to take eachothers cargo, and therefor it is legal sabotage.
Also, you did not mention your own interpreted difference, until i wasted a shitload of time on it already. So i had no way to know that i was doing anything wrong, even from your unfair and biased perspective!
Meanwhile, SD, the admin in our game, who saw what i was doing, also did not care to mention anything about it. And despite all of these facts, you still decided to screw me over, correct?

So the second time i play on this server in a long time, happens to be the second time you try to destroy my company.
After i wasted hours to make it the biggest company in the game, bigger even than the admin who started earlier than me, even before i took his cargo. Hours of time and effort, and you do what you do best, trying to destroy it all.
Jealousy maybe? Are you really that type of a control freak, who cant help himself from hating on better players? Trying to get them banned no matter what? You are pretty pathetic indeed.

So obviously, YOU ARE THE REAL SABOTEUR. Destroying entire companies, wasting HOURS of work, for no fair reasons whatsoever. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU JOIN. You should be banned for the sabotage rule, because you are worse than any honest player could possibly be. Unlike me, I did not break any rules, i competed for cargo after he sabotaged my company the same way. So he made more profit from the cargo he stole from me, it obviously does not factually change anything. And nobody cared until you came along, that proves enough already. The other admin did not care, he actually complimented me when i began my revenge.
I was the victim, again, both his and yours. Clearly not the other way around.
Then I got banned for explaining why ST2s reasons to destroy my company are totally unfair!!! Is that not absolutely despicable?

Banning someone because the person explained why he did not deserve having lost his entire company.

Welcome to BTPro, the digital North Korea. With ST2, the nazi mod.

ST2 wrote: - You left your company, I cleaned the "sabotage competition" you had, but you entered ingame again and started talking... a lot! Off course, you properly forgot to mention that!

Ohhh i forgot to mention i talked... Well i am so glad you told them, because they would never have been able to guess, even after reading my responses on this forum. Why would you even say that i forgot to mention it, unless you believe that it is relevant? Then, are you honestly admitting that this is the reason you banned me? Because i talked?

So again, you banned me for not breaking any rules, but for the same reason as last time, that you are feeling verbally inadequate, unable to make a decent argument to support your actions?

Well, at least i am glad you are honest about that, about banning me for bad reasons again. Because i talked. And yes, i actually did my very best not to be too unfriendly. Did not change your behavior though, still unfair as ever.

Never would have guessed you would honestly mention that i "talked" and that is the reason you banned me. Or why even mention it? I guess you are regretting your honesty already? The rare occasion that you are honest, and you instantly regret it, dont you? You really are pathetic. Yes i am not trying to watch my words anymore, the truth is out and you still can't deal with it.

ST2 wrote: - n00b, spamming same message in different threads won't make it more important! I'll keep this one to give you the chance of read my answer!
- Your actions, cheats and sabotages breaks the fun of games to several players and not only to admins that try to keep games fair. But we try... and that's why you don't like admins... and specially me! I'll live with it. Hopefully, with time, you'll learn how to respect server rules and other players!

And this are the REASONS, plenty enough for me!
I prefer to keep away from BTPro servers players of your kind. For my and other admins peace and players games without your kinda cheaters. After that, you can call me what you want! But my decision is taken.
Sorry for don't use the rest of the language level that a rule breaker uses when banned. Simply not my kind.

How about a valid reason why destroyed my company (after you made me leave it)?

And even more importantly, after all these points, you still have not specifically mentioned the actual reason why you banned me?

- Was it because you banned me before, also without a good reason, but you felt forced to unban me after i kept repeating why i did not deserve to be banned?

- Was it because i talked after i already left my company?

- Or was it because you are an insecure pathetic person, who can not verbally handle it when someone speaks the truth and abuses his ingame privileges in an attempt to silence him?

The answer seems pretty clear.
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